Scripps College Challah for Hunger


Is a community of dedicated Scripps students who work to promote social change through the production and sales of challah bread.

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For more reasons why Scripps Women love Scripps Challah for Hunger click HERE

In 2004, Scripps Woman, Eli Winkelman, baked the first loaf of challah for Challah for Hunger in the Browning Hall kitchen. Since then, over 200,000 challah loaves have been baked by students at over 70 colleges worldwide…your loaf could be next. Join the movement now!

Watch President Bill Clinton talk about Scripps Challah for Hunger founder Eli Winkelman’s success in empowering students to act for change at the Clinton Global Initiative.

“She organized her friends, taught them how to bake, and they started baking challah bread and they sold it every week on the Scripps campus…Jewish girls breaking Jewish bread saving Muslim kids’ lives in Africa that have been overlooked by other people.” – Bill Clinton


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