Scripps College Challah for Hunger was founded in 2004, by Scripps Woman, Eli Winkelman. The first sale of challah from Challah for Hunger was at a Get Out the Vote Rally on campus. Since its founding, Scripps College Challah for Hunger has thrived on campus, engaging over 200 student volunteers and leaders.

After graduating, Eli made Challah for Hunger into a national nonprofit organization, helping students all over the country form chapters. During Eli’s time as CEO, over 50 chapters were started at colleges around the world (U.S., Canada, Australia, and England). In 2013, Carly Zimmerman assumed the role of CEO of Challah for Hunger. Now, there are 70 CfH chapters worldwide. In the ten years of its existence, 7,0000 students involved in Challah for Hunger chapters have baked over 200,000 challah loaves, donating over $600,000 to non-profit organizations.

Challah for Hunger was founded with the purpose of donating money to relief organizations fighting against the genocide in Sudan. For many years chapters donated half of their proceeds to American Jewish World Service, a nonprofit organization fighting genocide in Darfur, and the other half to local organizations. In 2014, after AJWS stopped donating money to Darfur, Challah for Hunger ended their partnership with AJWS and began a partnership with MAZON, a nonprofit organization that seeks to end hunger in the United States and Israel. Now, the half of the proceeds from Scripps College Challah for Hunger (as well as all other chapters) will go to MAZON and the other half will go to a local organization.

2014 marks Challah for Hunger’s 10-year anniversary. In honor of the anniversary Scripps College hosted a french toast brunch in the Fall of 2014.


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