Interested in getting more involved in Scripps College Challah for Hunger? Scripps CfH leadership positions are an excellent way to increase your involvement in the organization, gain and practice transferrable skills, and make a new network of amazing Scripps women.

Look out for applications for the following year at the end of spring semester.


As a manager for Scripps CfH, you will have weekly responsibilities that contribute to the production of the club. While some positions are more time consuming than others, none should conflict with schoolwork or other on campus employment.

All managers will lead braiding shifts throughout the semester. 

Advocacy Manager

  • Responsible for choosing an advocacy petition or letter for weekly sales. Must bring a computer for online signing (as well as emailing the link to the Sales Manager, who can also provide a computer). Or can bring a copy of the letter as well as the mailing address in the case that the advocacy action is a letter instead of a petition.
  • If interested, can also plan advocacy events during the semester.

Baking Manager 

  • Responsible for baking the challah every Friday morning before sales (9am) and leaving it just inside the dining hall doors for the Sales Manager + Volunteers to get. Also bringing up the Shift Leading document and Challah binder.
  • In the case that there is no Baking Manager, other managers will rotate this position.

Dough Manager

  • Responsible for printing out and bringing the shift leading document to the kitchen before Thursday braiding begins.
  • Responsible for making the amount of dough outlined on the shift leading document every Thursday before the day of sales.
  • Responsible for training any volunteers who sign up to make dough, and preferably responsible for ensuring that there is a trained student to take over their role in the following year.
  • Responsible for producing extra dough for any special events (of course the dough manager may ask a coordinator for additional help).

Finance Manager

  • Responsible for keeping track of money during and after sales.
  • Responsible for paying back Mallott for ingredients used (and keeping the receipt).
  • Responsible for filling out a Banking Report the day of that deposit.
  • Responsible for filling out the Challah Spreadsheet with the Sales Manager.

Publicity Manager

  • Responsible for making and distributing flyers advertising any events we have, posting an announcement about the special flavor on Facebook every Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.
  • Responsible for updating website.
  • Responsible for helping to advertise for volunteer/leadership recruitment.

Sales Manager

  • Responsible for setting up the challah table every Friday at ~10:30, directing volunteers, and making sure that sales goes smoothly.
  • Responsible for filling out the Challah Spreadsheet with the Finance Manager.
  • Responsible for filling out a Sales Report the day of Sales using the Challah Spreadsheet.

Volunteer Manager

  • Responsible for sending out the volunteer email to the volunteer list including the Google Doc sign up for volunteering on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Responsible for checking the googledoc to see if enough volunteers have signed up on Wednesday. If more volunteers are needed, responsible for sending out an email to the volunteer list to ask more volunteers to sign up.
  • Responsible for sending texts or emails to volunteers to remind them to show up for braiding on Thursday.
  • Responsible for adding any new emails to the volunteer list throughout the semester.


Coordinators are in charge of overseeing managers and providing any help when needed. They also stay in contact with the national organization of Challah for Hunger through our Chapter Advisor. Coordinators usually have past experience as managers for CfH so that they can provide the most useful advice to the managers they oversee.

Advocacy Coordinator

  • Responsible for overseeing Advocacy, and Publicity Managers.

Finance Coordinator

  • Responsible for overseeing Finance, Sales, and Baking Managers (Friday stuff).

Logistics Coordinator

  • Responsible for overseeing Dough, Productions, and Volunteer Managers.
  • Responsible for creating the shift leading document for the dough manager Wednesday night or Thursday morning (must be before baking occurs).
  • Responsible for creating the shift leading schedule at the beginning of both semesters based on manager availability.
  • Responsible for checking in with the kitchen ordering staff about ingredients that need to be ordered, etc.

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